At OnePlace Creative, we work regularly with dozens of voice talents from around the country. For standard projects, our team picks the voice we think is best for the script. You simply need to choose which category your voice should fall under. Upon request, we can provide choice of 3 voice demos for review before you make your decision.

Due to the low cost of the standard commercial package, auditions are not included. If you wish to receive an audition prior to completion of the commercial, there will be an additional fee of $85 added on to the final cost.

Our low costs do not allow for market exclusivity. However, because we choose voice talent from around the country, there is a low probability that your chosen talent is featured in numerous audio tracks within your geographic location.

Great! If your business uses a jingle or music bed that is already recognizable to your customers, we’ll be happy to incorporate it. Just upload it to your project in the GET STARTED section. Otherwise, our team will choose the perfect music based on your project description.

Sure. Once you submit the project, our writers will get to work on your script and submit a first draft to you within 48 hours. We’ll incorporate your suggested changes. If there is any question, our account manager will reach out to you for clarification. If, after your changes have been incorporated, you need us to make more revisions, additional fees may apply.

Our writers and editors always have a lot on their plate, so we have to incorporate a rush charge if your project needs special attention. To take the scriptwriting process from 48 down to 24 hours will require an additional $75. Turning production around in 24 hours will require an additional $75 as well. Unfortunately, we cannot offer writing AND producing of an original spot in under 48 hours.

If you have a copy change after the project has been complete you will need to resubmit the job as a new project. Unfortunately, the talent and studio fees will need to be reapplied. However, if you have a minor edit to the existing spot (for example, you feel the music needs to be turned down) let us know and we will accommodate your request at no charge.

Great question!  Maybe your business’s name is pronounced a certain way. Or perhaps there are regional dialect issues. For example, in some areas, the word ‘financing’ is said differently than others. Or the word ‘Route’. Across America, certain areas thing it rhymes with ‘shoot’ while others insist it rhymes with ‘shout’. We get it. That’s why we ask that you take a close look at your script and point out any area where you think our voice talent can use some clarification. You can either put those descriptions in the designated area, OR call our Pronunciation Line at 833-32-MEDIA and press 5. Please indicate the job number, client and script name, then let us know which words or phrases need special attention.

All of our basic commercial packages are buyout, meaning there is no time limit for air. Some specialty projects may involve talent who have a 90-day contract for their work and you must pay a renewal fee to go past that time. In those cases, we’ll give you all the details as well as your contract options beforehand.

We live in magical times where every smartphone comes with its very own stopwatch. The easiest way to time your script is to read it out loud at the pace you want it to be while running your stopwatch. Hint: don’t look at the time until the read is complete. If you feel like you’re not going to come in on time, you’ll naturally start to read faster. But the last thing you want is a commercial that sounds too rushed. If you need to have us time the script for you, just send it with your project request. We’ll take a look and let you know how you’re doing on time.

You will have your choice to receive your finished files in either MP3 or WAV formats.

In those cases we can give you the option to download the commercial in a watermarked format. What that means is that you’ll hear a soft voice saying ‘OnePlace Creative’ over the commercial every 10 seconds. Once the final commercial has been approved, we will upload the non-watermarked version for you to download.

Oneplace Creative will host your voiceover on our website for 90 days. After that, they will be archived and a fee will be required for future retrieval.

Payment for your OnePlace Creative projects can be made with Mastercard, VISA, American Express, and Discover. Payment is secure and handled via Stripe. Simply enter your payment information here.

Yes! We have access to Spanish speaking voice talent who can also translate your English script to Spanish. See the Rates section for details. For other languages and international commercials, fill out the form below and let us know what you need. We have access to numerous multilingual voice talents.